I hate my chickens!! however I am starting to like them again pg 5


10 Years
May 9, 2009
getting tired of feeding 6 hens and only getting 3-4 eggs and got zilch eggs today
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BR and GC wouldnt be bad if for two weeks after I got them they put out 5-6 a day then started dropping off
I put 5 milk jugs of water in the freezer tonight, I am gonna make a red-neck air conditioner for them in the morning. I'll let you know how it turns out. Heat Index here has been 105* to 110*!!
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Ok...no matter how I say this, it's likely going to come out wrong, but...chickens aren't egg factories, they are animals. They get stressed, sick, and go through ups and downs. Is it exceptionally hot? Are they missing something in their diet? Are they ill? Stressed? Do they have clean, adequate housing?
I know it's easy to get frustrated sometimes, but maybe you should explore the cause and/or see if anyone else has had similar experiences. This is often better done by giving more background (age, how long you've had them, breed, etc) in the OP, and asking for help rather than just saying "I hate my chickens"

I hope you get it figured out, though. I'm not much help. I'm pretty new to this, too.
Mine have fallen off production a bit in this extreme heat. Remember, they are living creatures, not machines. Even the best layers skip a day now and again as young hens and yours are over two years old. My oldest girls are three and a half years old and they lay about 3-4 eggs a week, each, some more than that,which I think is marvelous.

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