I have 12 more coming!!!!


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
So I purchased 7 chicks and a 2yr old RIR bantam a month ago. 2 days after I got them I bought 2 more at the feed store. Anyway the 9 are out for the brooder and the RIR was not getting along with them at all. Since I really needed to get the babies out of the box I had to re home my RIR since my permanent coop is not built yet. Well the other day I don't know if I was have empty brooder syndrome or what but I ordered 12 more 3 BR 3 BO 3GLW and SlW. I have gone crazy. I am not even supposed to have chickens and now I will have 21!!!
LOL But I think I am going to grow and make sure of the ones that are pullets and only keep 6.
CHICKEN MATH strikes again

I only wanted 3, had to buy 6... then my daughter did the sad face (and she is 14!!)... so we ordered her silkies and polish... we now have 24!!
Erm, I may also have 12 more on the way to add to the 8 I have now in the brooder and the Araucana breeding trio I have outside (in their own coop) already. Yikes. My family is not terribly pleased. But we have the room to grow them out and put the cockerels in the freezer.

But yeah, I was planning to start with 4-6 pullets. hahaha
That chicken math is crazy I only wanted 6 but a month after getting them went back to get feed and they had silkies I've always wanted silkies. So now I have 12. Along with 2 ducks and 2 geese. I would love more but I think 12 is a perfect number for now.
Lol that's funny! They are a blast though.

I see yours are 2 and 7... Watch out when they turn into teenagers and give the sad face... it is harder to resist when you know they can care for something themselves.
I can't complain though... I am THRILLED she got the polish and I have become smitten with one of them. I just ADORE their personalities.

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