I have 2 pekin males and went to let them out and one has passed away. what do i need to do for the

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    Apr 10, 2014
    Cooper and Jaxx will be 3 in April. I knew cooper wasnt feeling well he always had something wrong with his feet or legs and was on antibiotics and magnesium pills. I noticed he had diarrhea and took him to the vet and a sample of his fecal. His fecal came back negative that nothing was wrong no parasites or any issues with his intestines or liver. I has noticed he was lighter in weight and last night before bed he was swimming with his mouth open and not acting as crazy as he normally does. This morning i went to let them out and coopie was laying there on his back not breathing so I let the other one out and went inside and cried my eyes out. now that im somewhat calmer i am not sure how to treat Jaxx now that he is alone. They only been apart 4 hours in there entire life i had them since they were 3 days old. Is there something special i should be doing with him? please help I feel terrible for him.
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    How sad for you.......Start looking for another friend for him.....He will mourn and look for his buddy....It will be sad for a week......

    Best wishes!

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