I have 6 Muskovy Ducklings.Are they safe?


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Aug 29, 2012
My duck had 6 ducklings I have 2 other males and 4 females..I have a shed that they stay in with shavings and food and they have a temp short fence around her and babies...will the males try to kill them? I am afraid when bad weather hits or wind all the ducks are going to want to go in shed and it may be a disaster situation... If I let mom raise them will they not like humans? Its October in Michigan and we have harsh winters ..are they going to be fine? They are 2 days old now...thanks for reading.
Young males will sometimes try to kill ducklings in order to get the mom back into the mating mood, but this late in the season that usually isn't a problem. Some Muscovy drakes are actually just as good at parenting as the moms are. You just have to keep an eye on them to make sure no one is going to cause a problem. In order to get the babies people friendly, all you have to do is pamper them and mom with some extra treats. They'll learn real fast who brings them goodies and they'll look forward to seeing you. As for the weather, I live in Michigan as well. As long as they are going in at night with mom (I always have to check as one or two sometimes get lost and left behind) then they should be fine even in the colder fall weather.

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