I have a bantam chick with standard breed chicks, will this work?


6 Years
Mar 17, 2013
We went to pick out our chicks a couple weeks ago, my oldest son is three so we let him pick one. Well there was one bb red (old English game) in the bunch that he glommed onto.so I let him pick her(?). I had to ages 1.5 months and the others were 3 weeks. So I split them up. We've recently put them in the coop together and I've found an older australorp pecking the bantam. Now I know there is a pecking order but is the bantam going to get pecked to death? Should I have not mixed breeds? Although the bantam did fine with the other 4 chicks that were all the same age, two australorps included in that bunch. I just don't want my sons chick to get pecked to death, because that is no way to go. Any one have experience with mixed flocks of bantams and standards?


7 Years
Nov 16, 2012
I have all manner and sizes of chickens all living together and it is no issue at all...
Perhaps if my Big old White Rock rooster was aggressive it would be an issue...but he isn't, and everyone gets along just fine...
I actually at the moment have
1 really big White Rock rooster
1 Buff Orpington hen
1 Leghorn hen
and then 6 assorted barnyard bantams...
1 hen, 4 pullets, and a cockerel...
I just moved 17 chicks into the coop as well and they are getting along all right as well. There is some pecking, so the babies just avoid the adults...They'll work it all out.
Everyone gets along alright, although the 2 roosters do not allow one another to breed...We have more pullets up and coming though, so while i may not get fertile eggs right now, soon I will...
the chicks are way smaller than any of the bantam mixes and still yet, no issues. The trick is having a large enough coop with places that smaller or picked on chickens can escape to if need be.


10 Years
Mar 6, 2011
I agree! I have 2 very small bantam modern game hens, 1 show quality black australorp who is huge, and the rest are somewhere in between. I have 2 bantam rooster in the mix as well. In the past I have had LF roosters too. They work things out. I find that those who were in the brooder together tend to stay together even when they get big. When I do a head count, I count brooder groups instead of the whole flock number. I can never remember how many I am supposed to have total!


6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
I will have 15 Barred Rocks and 7 Silkies. I've been worried about the exact same thing! I hope it all works out well for me and everyone else :)

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