I have a buff silkie that is 7 months old and it doesn't lay eggs or crow.


8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Portland, OR
I have this silkie chicken and she is my only bantam. I have seen her show some strange behavior over the last couple weeks such as chasing hens around and I *think* she may have even tried to mount one. I've never seen it fight with any of the roosters and I've never seen a rooster try to mate with it. Like the title says it doesn't crow and it doesn't lay eggs. I think I saw it do that little rooster strut where they put their wing down and shuffle their feet. The comb isn't overly large and neither is the chicken but I really don't know what to think. Can you have a rooster that doesn't crow? Maybe it's a hen with some type of illness preventing it from laying? The weather is still warm here so I don't think it's molting. Anyone have any ideas?

I would post a picture but the weather is so nasty outside that all my chickens are dirty and it would be tough to get a picture. If nobody seems to know I will try to post a picture when it dries out in a couple days.

SIlkies tend to lay very late and not very often. My hen is 10 months old and has not laid yet. I was talking to other people on the threads and they all assured me this was normal for a silkie.

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