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Feb 28, 2011
I had 9 chickens in my flock and i tend to let them out when i get home in the after noon to run around. But the other day after i was letting them free range and went in side for a little a red tailed hawk came down and killed my black silkie before i could stop it. i haved let them out of their run for two days now, but my tiny rooster clarence's feet are getting all bloodyed up by the other hens. Im not sure what to do, Hope yo can help!
I would try to do something to deter the hawks and put something in the yard they can run and hide under when the hawk returns. Sorry for your loss
I stay outside with my hens,but you have to stay CLOSE. I left once to close our gate,and the hawk attacked in that time. Hang up old CD's.Get some red mylar ribbon. Since there are no leafed out bushes consider putting up areas the hens can run and hide under.Some plastic owls might help.

I have one area by the coop that has plastic fence and bird netting.Not the best,but it will slow a hawk down. Usually I walk with a stick or just read by the hens.

Fishing line and t posts or bambo stakes in the ground all over will prevent the hawk from flying in easily.

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