I have a hen who has been hatching for a week. She left her eggs get cold yesterday but sat on them

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    Jun 6, 2016
    i have a hen who started hatching a week ago. I candled the eggs last night, they all seemed to be developing perfectly fine. But I went to check on the hen this morning and she was off the eggs( I am aware that the hens do leave the nest once in a while) but the eggs were cold and buried in the shaving I left the hen with the eggs while I went to get a box to take the eggs When I arrived back she was sitting on the eggs again. I know she sat on the the eggs after I had candles them because I waited for her to. Should I take the eggs off of her and give her new one and risk her getting bored and leaving them ? Or will leave her with these ones? Could the chicks still hatch ???

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    May 31, 2016
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    I'm not in expert in this stuff by any means but I have a broody sitting on eggs right now and the other day when I checked on them, her eggs were also cold. Obviously not to cold because it about 80 degrees out but still cold. She eventually got back on them and has been sitting on them and I candled then yesterday and the babies are still alive :) Some girls just aren't the best mommas though. I suppose it's your call. Maybe try and candle them again tomorrow and see how they're doing.

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