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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by shanstark, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. shanstark

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    Dec 10, 2016
    I was wanting to know if anybody has any ideas. My neighbor just called and asked how she could keep our guineas off of her porch. ( First I have ever heard of them getting on her porch) Does anybody have any ideas? I don't want her killing them.
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    I don't have guineas, but I used too. They're quite the trouble makers! ;) If possible, I would make a large chicken run that's covered. Maybe something like this:
    It doesn't have to be this elaborate either, just around this size. I think you can buy runs too if you aren't the building type. Or a large outdoor, dog kennel might work too.
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    Apr 20, 2007
    Thats a shame she doesn't like them visiting her. I wouldn't mind one bit if someones guineas come to my porch. I live in the city so my guineas have to be contained to the yard. I clip their wings and we have a chain link fence that is 5 feet tall. So far, knock on wood, they have stayed in the yard. Maybe she could take a can or something and put change in it and shake the can to scare them away. Anything she can do to make a loud noise and scare them off. Good luck I'm sorry about your neighbor.
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    May 13, 2016
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    Shanstark, I see this was your second post! [​IMG]

    I have two words for you - pool noodles.... I use two pool noodles to move my flock of 12 guineas. They free range and frequent my neighbor across the road. They are fine with them being there - I know I'm lucky, but there are times when I go over and move them back home. In preparation for getting my keets in May, I did a lot of reading and one person mentioned using a stick to help herd them. I got thinking about similar alternatives and came up with the pool noodle idea. It greatly extends my ability to reach out and direct them. I can even swing at them without worrying about injuries.

    The other day the flock decided to go up the road to visit the next house. They hadn't been there before and I didn't want to encourage them to continue going up or they would be on a much busier road and get hit for sure. So, I went off in search of the flock and found that they had flown inside her chain link fence and were happily roosting on her deck. She didn't even know they were there! She said she thought she heard geese. She was fine with them being there, but I wasn't.

    They don't like the pool noodles, but boy, they comply! So I don't know if you can work with them to get them back with your own set of pool noodles or if your neighbor is open to using pool noodles to get them to move off her deck. People don't realize how very little you have to move to get them to move. It's almost like extra slow motion Tai Chi with a pause and they respond and move pretty quickly.

    There's usually a reason they move on to new territory and for mine it was searching for food. With the cold weather, they have been traveling out a bit farther to forage under leaves for bugs (and ticks). My neighbors all know that and are happy to have my flock visit. Maybe share that with your neighbor and your birds may be more welcome than they are now.

    Never a dull moment with these birds!
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