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    Apr 1, 2011
    A few weeks ago I had a hen that got attacked by a coyote. She is still healing from the attack. I have been keeping her inside in a large pet taxi and taking her out during the day and letting her exercise outside for a little while, I also block off a little section in the house and put down news papers and let her exercise while i'm doing house work. I just wanted to give a little background on her before I ask my question. Its been about 3 weeks since the coyote attack, on Sunday I noticed that around her ear lobes she was really peeling. Her skin was peeling around the earlobes, the side of her face and some on her neck. I looked up favus, and while some pictures I've seen, it looks like it could be, but after reading about it i'm not sure. She doesn't have any white powdery stuff on her comb. She did have a couple of little black spots on her comb, but the main thing was the peeling. I started doctoring her with Lotrim which has clotrimazole in it and the little black spots have went away and she's just peeling a little bit now, it looks like she's lost a few face feathers though. So my question is, if its not Favus, will it hurt her to be rubbing Lotrimin on her? Would it be better to go ahead and treat her for it and be on the safe side? I would just hate it, after she's came so far from getting freaking mauled, if she died because of something I've done. She's only 1 1/2 years old and she was laying pretty regular but since the attack. she hasn't laid an egg but she's still healing. Just yesterday, she started finally putting some weight down on her right leg. So another question, could the peeling be stress related? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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