I have a question about LG incubator


9 Years
May 1, 2010
Alvarado, TX
I have been seeing everyone with their thermometer on the glass part how do you guys do that are you using tape? Mine wont stick up there.
My LG came with the thermometer stuck to a piece of clear plastic that you lay right on top of the eggs. That may be what you are seeing. Actually, the one that came with the incubator was broken so I just taped a cheap aquarium thermometer to the plastic and it seems to be working fine.
Oh ok in the booklet it was saying there was some metal brackets but I looked all in the box and nothing. I was thinking I got ripped off lol.

Thank you!
I will tomorrow im waiting on a few more eggs from my hens and then I will set them in the afternoon.

I have 42 in my older incubator, and 36 will go in this new ones
I hope you all threw those 'thermometers' that came with the LG's in the trash, they are pretty much worthless. Walmart sells a thermometer/hygrometer combo made by Springfield for about $6 that works very well.
I have the kind from walmart but I paid 12.00 for 1 with the long deal so you can leave the digital part outside and read it, and the other cost me 8.00 but it sits inside the incubator. But I still like having others for other readings ......my first LG incubator was second hand so it didnt have the original thermometer with it.
This new one did so I wasnt sure what to do with it.
I have one of those 6 dollar Walmart combo units in there along with the aquarium thermometer, and they both read real close to the same thing. I feel better having two in there.

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