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I will have a chance to get pygmy goats next spring, and I am going to have to get a confinement area up for them. I can get the posts in the ground without a lot of issues, now that I know the neighbors have a post hole digger attachment for their tractor!!!!! But, if I use cattle panels, the tallest ones, will that hold them? I dread the thought of having to stretch fence again, we just did about 2 acres this year and it was such a job!! The panels aren't cheap, but fencing has went through the roof, doubled + since we bought the first of it a year ago. I thought this might be a good way to get a fenced in area quicker and easier on my disabled hubby who is good as gold about my animals needs and wants.
You have to be careful how big the holes in the fence are. If they are large enough for a goat to stick his head through, then there could be problems. Especially if you are going to have little goat kids running around. Those smaller breed goat kids are tiny and can get out of some small spaces.
We use combination panels. They are smaller on the bottom. The panels will keep in a pygmy. They kept in my full sized dairy goats. Pygmies have short legs and fat tummies. They are not good jumpers anyway.
Do you have any pics of the panels? There are many types of panels that can hold them, but it can also depend on the goats, some are better at excaping then others, and in my experience the pygmies I had where the biggest excape artists! (are these pure pygmies?) Also on the size of the holes, whether or not they have horns could be an issue.
They now have goat panels!!!!! Really nice. The openings are too small for horns an work very well. The panels do a super job for containment. They hold up a lot better then regular fencing. Regular fencing stretches as the goats itch and climb and butt against it and the panels do not. They also cannot climb out of them when the fencing sags any other fence will.
we have three and they are very good escape artists. there are panels that will hold them and once they figure out they can't get out they are content, but believe me if there is any possible way out they will find it immediately, lol
Pygmies are, in fact, the biggest escape artist I've ever met. I've had them for years and I gave up trying to keep the girls penned. They free roam. I'm lucky that I have the space for it. The bucks are inside four dog pens attached together. The pens are the chain-link mesh with 6 foot high walls. They can still get out if the bottom mesh isn't woven tight to the lower metal bar. Even then I've seen pygmies dig out. And if you think they can't jump, HA! We stack hay in the main aisle of our barn before we put it in the loft and it has to be stacked four high or they will be on top throwing it everywhere. They are short and wide, but crazy quick and agile.

The cattle panels will work IF you have holes small than 4X4 on the bottom two feet. Remember baby pygmies are only about 1-2 lbs when born and will go through pretty much any sized hole. You may want to put hardwire cloth or chicken wire on the bottom before baby come around. Electric fencing works for some, not for others. It is only a mental fence not a physical fence. What if one goat push/throws another goat into the electric wire and out the other side? The poor goat just got eletrocuted and will now proceed to attempt to get back in and do it all over again. I'd say stick with the panels. I've never had field/hog fencing work for goats. Though I've seen it work for large spaces. I had small spaces and they didn't like it one bit. So they tore them to pieces.

Be sure to look us up when you do decide to get some pygmies. We'd be happy to set you up with a few.
^ I agree. Mini goats are by far the smartest of all goats.

My goats, have climbed, jumped over. Dug under. Rammed a hole through the barn, chew through the barn, opened gates, Squeezed under.

It's impossible to keep them in. No matter how many times we fix it they always get out.

The fencing that works the best and is the most safest for them is 4 foot high 2' x 4' woven wire fencing. It's not too expensive either.

My goats get out of the 6' high chain link eaiser than the 2x4.

Infact my goats got out yesterday.

Anyway. I see your in western illinois. Me too. If you have more questions, want a good place to get mini goats, or if your close enough and want to come see how we have ours and how to care for them. PM me.
I use dog kennel panels (6') to confine my 3 female pygmies and 2 nigi bucks. I buy the panels on craigslist whenever there's one for sale. I've never had one attempt to break out or tear up the fence or anything. They do rub on it but it's yet to do any damage.

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