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    Mar 25, 2008
    If I could design a coop that will be big enough to house 2-3 chickens at a reasonable price, Would anyone buy them? Would everyone be interested in just a standard cutely designed coop or the same coop with a nice size feeder fillable from outside, and auto lights with timer and fixture? What would you like more, wire floor?, wire floor with removable cleanout tray, or easy cleanout solid wood floor? What other features would you like to see? And the big question is, how much would you pay with shipping? Be realistic and honest, everyone knows how much these online coops go for. I want to try and design something to everyones liking at an affordible price, so throw me some ideas.
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    The problem is that if you want to be paid for your time and labor, and sell to people who need it shipped, I honestly do not believe a good small coop CAN be made for what most of us would call an affordable or reasonable price. The materials alone are nontrivial in cost when you add it all up, and shipping is a KILLER on heavy things like that. And building something small, like a small coop, really takes just about the same amount of time as building something larger, you know - it's the number of pieces that have to be cut and put together that takes the time, not the size of them [​IMG]

    Unfortunately, there is pretty much a REASON why all the existing commercially-available small coops cost what they do. Well ok there are a couple outfits out there that are priced up a whole lot, presumably to try to turn a profit off of an inherently small market [​IMG] But you know what I mean.

    Good luck to you all the same. You might consider trying to put together a set of clear, simple plans that could be executed by people with little experience and using inexpensive materials, and try selling the *plans*?

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    I actually purchased a small coop that I had seen advertised on My Pet Chicken. However, I found an ad on Craig's list in my local area. The ad was for the same coop on My Pet Chicken and after contacting the seller, found out that he was the builder for the coop. He was selling a prototype he built for $325 (he is a Navy Pilot training in my area/grew up on farm)...on MPC it advertises for over $1,000. I think the cost and time to build is high. Add shipping and that's why these coops are so expensive. I feel lucky thay I found the deal that I did! Here are two pictures of the coop.



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    Lori, I just posted a topic earlier this morning asking about this coop!! Please answer some questions, as I have the opportunity to buy it discounted. 1) does it feel durable, or does it feel "flimsy"? 2) do you like the wire flooring/are you concerned that unless you raise it, critters will nest beneath? 3) are you happy with the size of the inside, and how many chickens do you have 4) Do you like the location of the roosts/nesting boxes? Any other feedback you have on this would be greatly appreciated!
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    I love this coop! I am actually using is now as an intermediate brooder. My chicks got to big for their first brooder boxes.

    It is large enough for probably 4 or 5 full grown chickens (I have fourteen 4 1/2 week olds in it now!). This coop and run is very sturdy and the inside is very cute and functional. I am not sure about raising it up when it is outside. I thought I could add some wire mesh skirting around the bottom when I keep it out. It's in my garage now.

    You can e-mail me if you have any more questions.

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    Apr 30, 2008
    What is Craig's list?
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    I have posted a topic about the "City Biddy" henhouse that is small--holds 3 hens. I bought the plans online as it looks easy to build and has all the amenities I would want. It is not flimsy--uses 3/4' plywood as bottom and roof. And so far materials are about $100. But I have the roofing and paint and only need wheels if I want to add them. I bet it will weigh at least 100 pounds when finished. I can't imagine how you could ship something that big and be cost effective--and you would need it heavy for insulation and to discourage predators. I have looked at some ready made light weight coops and I bet the coons would have the chickens out in an instant.

    What I am getting at here is that I think you might do better by just designing a really nice coop with step by step instructions on building---sort of a "Chicken coops for idiots" booklet for those of us who have never hammered a nail [​IMG] It could have all the nice amenities as options that the builder could add on or not depending on skill level and $$$$$$$
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    That is too darn cute, Lori! I love it!

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