I have a question to all of you :


10 Years
Sep 29, 2009
Santo Antônio do Monte - MG
Dear Chicken-Lovers:

We all know that chicken can do more than lay eggs or supply tasty

Who of you is as crazy as me and tought to his chickens something
very different, somenthing unusual for chickens ?

If you read my new member introduction (posted today) you saw that my rooster learnt to go on the line, when we walk on the road, like a feathered dog and enjoys it (of coarse, at home he goes free, without any restriction).

Of coarse, there are more intelligent animals than chickens and they are more easy to train. But exactly this is a challenge for every true
chicken lover, because your chicken is much more intelligent than common people believe.

My question again: who tought to his chicken something crazy or at least unusual ?

Greetings from Brazil:
maybe not taught, but my ISA has learnt that my neck is a toasty warm place to curl up before bed. She jumps onto my arm, climbs up, and snuggles into my neck. VERY difficult to remove for bed time.
Welcome to BYC from Massachusetts, Cape Cod! Brazil! Wow you are so far away! We're glad you joined us.

To answer your question, I think my chickens have taught me to obey their strong suggestions more than me having taught them anything. They're smart that way. (smiling)
Some of our chickens will lie on their back and let me cover their heads. They like to fall asleep like that sometimes.
The rooster has trained me to pick him up whenever he stares at me, and the head hen has learned that I will come when she whines pathetically.
I have a young rooster that is very friendly. I have been teaching him to jump on my arm. My boyfriend asked what I was doing and I told him. He said you train Falcons to do that, so I named him Falcon!

My chickens know to tug on my clothes when they want something. Whether food, or cuddles, or if they want me to take out a chicken that's currently in their favorite nest, they always know to come to me. Daphne, my demanding little OEG bantam, has pretty much mastered the art of communicating with me.

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