I have a Rooster that is not yet one that i need to rehome - Worcester MA

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    Sep 10, 2013
    Central Massachusetts
    I live just outside of Worcester, MA and have a rooster that I need to rehome. I love him very much. He is the only bird to survive an attack by a fisher cat out of 7 babies i bought this spring. Unfortunately I lost my job and can no longer keep him. When he survived the fisher cat I put him in with 7 other hens and he grew up and did a fine job of taking care of them. Then when i lost my job i had to get rid of all my birds. When the person came to take my flock they changed their mind on the rooster because they had kids and didnt want trouble. So hes here all alone. So im looking for a home for him. I named him lucky after his ordeal. I love him but on one less income I just cant afford to have him.





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    Oct 18, 2014
    Has Lucky found a new home yet?
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