i have a weird rooster


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Sep 21, 2010
i have a black sexlink rooster and he is a pretty good size....i have 4 hens with him and i have never seen him breed any of them....they all run from him as soon as he gets close to them usually....i have seen all of my other roosters breed hens except him....i know he is old enough to breed though......also he has never crowed.....he is the only rooster with these hens....also he is nice enough to let me pet him....have any ideas??
Do you know how old he is roughly? I have a couple roosters that shy away from mating hens because of the 'boss' roo. He comes over and charges into the lower ranked roos, it's rather funny.
Maybe he's just shy and not an exhibitionist? Or the mood isn't right? or maybe HE has a headache for a change? idk...just saying...
I would be pretty sure that he is far from the dominant roo. If the others were not there, he would mate all the girls.

I don't think there are gay roos. I'm not being facetious as there are gay rams....about 10%. However, in the sheep world if you buy a ram who spends all his time making eyes at the next-door-neighbour's ram and doesn't produce lambs for you, you get your money back.
I have a speckled sussex rooster who is 25 weeks old, we've heard him crow just a few times in the past couple of weeks, and he doesn't attempt to mate the girls either. If anything, he is afraid of the girls. He's with 5 pullets, his age, who aren't laying yet, and 6 one year old hens. If they look at him wrong, he runs away from them.

He's also very mild tempered and lets me pet him. He's also my only rooster, though he was raised with another aggressive rooster, who was about 2 months older than him, that one crowed all the time. I found him a new home about 2 months ago.

I think this roo and his 5 pullets are just being very slow to mature.

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