I have an URGENT prayer request


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May 8, 2008
North Carolina
Please be in prayer for my friend whose daughter is about 8 months pregnant with her 3rd baby, her first little boy. My friend posted on her facebook a couple of hours ago that her daughter was in the hospital and they could not find baby Cole's heartbeat. This sweet, young couple can not lose this baby, they lost their 1st daughter when she was 9 months old to a car accident. After that, they experienced a miscarriage. They were able have another baby who is now a precious 2 year old little girl, thank God, but I simply can't imagine what they would go through to lose Cole too. My friend has not updated with good news, and that has me very worried. PLEASE PRAY that it isn't too late, that Cole is fine, and that my friend has just forgotten to update with the good news. Thank you!
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Oh God, WHY? Here is the facebook update from my friend's daughter.

please pray for us! I keep wanting to wake up from this nightmare. I am about to undertake something I thought I would never have to do-give birth to a child who is already w/Jesus and his sissy Katelyn. heartbroke and scared...please just pray...we need it. thanks for the prayers already

Please keep this family in your prayers. I am sick with sadness right now.​
From her fb page...

First of all I am a child of God and want to please Him in all I do and say. I have a wonderful husband, am a mother to 2 beautiful little girls. Our sweet Madelyn and our little angel Katelyn who went to be with Jesus 1/6/06 after a car wreck.

I just don't understand WHY... WHY are they having to go through this again?? I've known this couple since they were dating. They are so sweet, such a nice young couple. I'm absolutely heartbroken for them. Can't stop crying...​

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