I have become... a nestbox? o.O

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    First let me explain our setup. The nestboxes are a stand-alone structure that can be removed completely from the coop without tools. The structure sticks out about a yard from the wall of the coop. I keep my fresh straw bale in the corner between the nestboxes and the front of the coop for easy access.
    Well, this morning after finishing my chores I was sitting next to the straw with a gap between my back and the nestboxes, when all of the sudden I felt someone bump against my back. I looked over my shoulder to see this:
    This is Twisty, a normally unfriendly Rhodie girl who never comes to me for attention. I was confused at first, but then I heard her make the little chirping sound that some of my girls make when they enter the nest and the fact that I was next to a straw bale made the pieces fall together in my mind. And I laughed and just relished in the fact that she was nest-dazed enough for me to snuggle her a little. [​IMG] Obviously, though, I didn't want her laying an egg right there in the middle of the coop. When I stood up, she was still rather nest-dazed, enough that I managed this nice picture of her:
    It's amazing to me how fast you can go from being the treatbringer or the attention-giver to being a perch (or a nestbox) with these birds. [​IMG] Anyone else have a similar story?
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    too funny! [​IMG]
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    What, you didn't stay until she laid her egg? [​IMG]

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