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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by farmerlor, Feb 5, 2009.

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    Mom lives in Florida and has lived through my excited ramblings about chickens for a couple of years now. Thanks to y'all it's gotten worse just lately and THEN I started up the 'bator and she's had to hear me fretting and worrying about the little eggs. I send her pics of my chickens more often than she gets pics of the kids and I even sent her pics of what the chicks I have hatching should look like. So today I was complaining about my old incubator and how I hoped that we could afford a new one soon and I'll be darned if the woman didn't write me back and tell me she was sending me money for a new one! Not a lot of money (no new sportsman in my future) but enough for something with air and turners. Woot! This is totally out of the blue y'unnerstan' because she never sends money but she told me she loves hearing about the chickens and seeing the pics so she doesn't want me to stop hatching. Gotta love it.
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    Sep 11, 2008
    Lucky I ask for a new bator and I hear

    We live in the city.
    do you need turners and air ?
    Your still air does fine.
    When we move you might could upgrade.
    We don't have any more space for chickens.
    Do you need a new thermometer with probe or a high tech candler.

    parents [​IMG]
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    Well, your mom obviously knows your chickens bring you happiness, and it giving her a good feeling as well..
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    Ha, just had to reply because I liked the thread title! I've got a family enabler too.

    My sister thinks our chickens are so cool that she sent me wooden eggs to put in the nests, vegetable seeds for their own garden to scratch up, and a "chicken donation" towards this years chicks.[​IMG]

    She gets to name some, too. What a great sis!

    Have fun with your bator!

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