I have Coryza in my flock...should I start over?

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Hi, I bought 4 pullets and a rooster that are now showing signs of having Coryza. I spoke with the woman that sold them to me and she said that she had Coryza in her flock about 6 mos. ago. She culled the flock and said she washed everything with bleach. She said that these pullets shouldn't be affected. When I told her that the rooster was sneezing and described the swollen eyes she admitted that it sounded like she didn't get it all.

My question, should I return all the birds to her and just start with healthy birds from someone else or do I keep these birds and only ever add full vaccinated adult birds to my flock.? What would each of you opt to do? Thanks
For this very reason, i prefer to get chicks and raise them myself. Any chicken has more chance of contracting diseases the longer it lives, and when you don't really know where they've been or what they've been exposed to, the risks are so great. Baby chicks that spend most of their lives in the same place at your house or more likely to be safe from everything floating around out there.

And yes, i would return those chickens and scrub the heck out of anything they've been in before bringing in more chickens.

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