I Have EE Bantams Chicks For Sale (From WV)


11 Years
May 1, 2009
Mason WV
I have EE Bantams Chicks For Sale @ $3 each + shipping + $3 for other expenses.

My birds have a nice little top hat & lay green, blue & a shade of pink eggs. Here is some pics of the layers:

This is Top:
This is the second in command:
This is the third in command:

Here are some I just hatched out.

I also have a few eggs again so I would like to offer 12+ bantam eggs from my EEers for $8. Actual shipping by Priority Mail from zip 25264 & $3 for packaging & other expenses.

Chicken Plucker Fingers @ $1/e + shipping or Home Built Plucker @ $15 + shipping.

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