I have ID'd most but there are just a few I need help with please?????


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I purchased 40 bantams I asked the owner of our feed store to get for me. I know he has ordered from Ideal before because I saw the box they came in last spring. The sales person also told me he does order from other places. However, I have seen very hatcheries have frizzle Cochins in their bantam mixes so I figure the chances are that Ideal is where they came from...but possibly not.
Anyway, I have identified almost all of them but really need some help with these.
I have 2 chicks that I am almost positive are OEGB and this one is close but it just doesn't look quite the same. Is it an OEGB and if so, what color is it going to be??? It has some white flecks on it but it doesn't really look like a Sussex otherwise.

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This white one is my mystery. I have no idea what it is, I just didn't want to leave it behind. It doesn't carry its tail up like the Japanese and its legs might be longer. Neither does it carry it tail down like the two OEGB. It isn't tall like a Modern Game It has light legs but I guess it would since it is white? Is there an OEGB that would be all white??

I think this must be a Cochin. Is it a frizzle? My other frizzles already have much, much longer wing feathers. It is buff but has white on its wing feathers too. What color is it?

I have 1 more Cochin I am not sure of the color but don't have a good pic. Will have to get one today. These chicks are all the same age and I think 2 weeks old? Maybe 3.
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If they came from Ideal, Ideal has like 60 colors of OEGs, including solid white. Not much help, but I think the two in the one picture are different colors since the one looks a lot redder than the other, the first one looks blue based. Agree that your cochin looks frizzled.
The two in the same picture are very similar in color but you are right. One has dark brown down on its back, the other one is a lighter reddish brown.
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