I have incubator running...


15 Years
May 17, 2007
I have my incubator up and running for a few hours now. How long until the temperature reaches a stable place? My eggs mailed out today and I am getting a little nervous and am wondering if I am crazy to be trying this! I got a little flukers thermometer and hygrometer - where do you put them? I just put them on the wire floor since the incubator is a forced air one. Is that OK? I have been wandering around our house for a few days trying to figure out a good place to put the darn thing! We dont have any closets to put it in so I have ended up putting it on the desk next to my computer.
What relative humidity should the incubator be at to start off with? What is too high and too low?

Now, do your breathing...he he hoo...he he hoo..

The labor is long but worth the wait! You will do just fine, I am sure. You just keep me posted and let me know how they do. I want to make sure you get plenty of fuzzies!

Good luck,
oh i can feel with you. i started mine up yesterday.
ran to Walmart got me a corded hygro/thermometer. stuck the probe in the bator i am still tweaking it.I got it pretty much around 100.5-100.8F with a 49%hum +/- 1%. room temp is 70.5F

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