I Have No Clue!!


10 Years
Feb 11, 2009
Okay so we had about 40 chicks and now I'm down to about 12. They seemed fine and then they started getting really lite and their wings were not tight up against their side they were dragging the ground ( the wings) and they just started dropping like flies. We bought some poultry spray and sprayed them but they are still dying. And I have been feeding them start and grow. Can anyone please tell me what to do thanks.
I received an order of twenty-five chicks, and one died. Then, I started to notice that two more were fading and I thought would die over night. One couldn't walk anymore. I bought some Poly Vi Sol without Iron and gave them a drop. By the next morning they were both RUNNING around and fine. Maybe they need more nutrition?
Treat for Coccidiosis. Mine did the same thing and when I had 2 necropsied, they were sick from Coccidiosis though they didn't show typical symptoms of it.
I am hatching my first chicks EVER. . . . Are there common things that need to be done to keep this from happening to begin with??? I have 6 chicks now, ranging from 9 days to 2 days old. . . . with 16 more to hatch soon. I am so nervous after reading so many posts. And I hope all goes well with the rest of the chicks.
So I need to get it and have it here just in case? So nothing to do to keep things from going wrong. . . . . . Dang it. Thanks.

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