I have NO idea what ails my pullet... (update: photo post 13)


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...maybe someone here can help?

She is a BSL, about 8 or 9 months old - has been acting strange the past 2 months.

She spends her time "fluffed up" like she is cold and the skin around her eyes seems a bit puffy and scaly, so she has a bit of "sleepy eye" going on.

I put her alone in a pen with food and Tylan soluble this afternoon, I was shocked to feel how light she is compared to her twin sister - she is skin and bones
Her feathers are full and shiny. I do see her eat, she takes dirt baths and hangs out with the other girls, but she is more quiet and by herself than the others.

She has no eye or nasal discharge, no coughs or sneezes, her poop seems fine.

As far as I know she is not laying yet (her sister has been laying for almost 2 months now).

She was wormed in December with Piperazine and I think she's been "ill" since then - is it a coincidence?

She was also treated with Ivermectin about 6 weeks later, as the whole flock had lice so I took no chances and treated everyone.

I'm just baffled, what could ail her?

She was fine up until end of December, early Jan!

PS: no-one else in the flock is ill, everyone is robust, happy and healthy!!

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Well, she may have something wrong with the egg laying mechanics...you said she is not laying yet and her sister is? I guess that is what I would guess...here is a bump--maybe someone else? Terri O
My guess: Coccidia (protozoan, not worms) or bad eye infection?

Oh lordy, not another typo! The keys on my keyboard are all smudged, it is hard to see the letters.
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You mean a protozean infection? What would be the signs of that?

Her eyes are clear and bright, no discharge or bubbles or swelling, it's hard to explain how she looks "different"... like old lady vs young lady? You know?

She just seems cold all the time, even when laying in the warm sun or under a heat lamp.

Should I give her another dose of Ivermectin?

She is on Tylan right now...
I dunno... she's been like this since December-ish, if my memory is correct?

I thought she would just get better as nobody else is sick but to no avail... so she's isolated now, I hope to somehow find out what she has by observing her more closely.

Oh, her comb is really pale pink and dry, does this help?
It sounds like she's not taking in enough nutrition or water, but as to the cause.....It doesn't sound like cocci to me, maybe worms but this all started when you wormed the flock...hmm, can you take a fecal sample in to the vet and have a float done? I suppose the lethargic behaviour etc. could have been caused by a massive die off of worms, but if that was the case I think it would of resolved by now.

Now that she's seperate from the rest I'd start out by giving her scrambled eggs along with her regular feed for a protien boost and also some grapes, mellon, bannana...whatever you can get that she'll eat fruit wise that has a lot of water in it. Hopefully she'll start to perk up soon. I haven't used it, but poli-visol (sp?) without iron is often reccomended. I believe it's an infant vitamin and can be purchased at the drug store.

Sorry I was rambling, I'm stumped and mostly "typing out loud."

ETA: How's Angle doing?
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Rambling is good! It's often how we fix stuff!

I will give Juliet some scrambled eggs and I do have iron-free poly-vi-sol, but right now I want her to drink the medicated water that's in her "condo" as it has Tylan in it, just a wild guess but maybe it will help?

If she's not better in a few days I will probably take a fecal to the vet, who knows she may have caught something the others haven't... like a tapeworm??
Oh I hate to even think about it, but I know neither Piperazine nor Ivermectin get rid of those and that's what I treated my flock with.

Angel has made a complete recovery from her prolapse!! She is sweeter than ever and laying well now, hoping it was only a one-time thing and she will live a long and healthy life! Thanks for asking
It might be mites/fleas! if a chicken has mites for too long, they loose too much blood and get sick. check her for mites! if she has mites powder her imediatly! when left too long chickens can die of it!
also powder any other birds and your whole coop! good luck w/ her!
No mites... she has beautiful plumage.

And no lice, I check them all the time and they have had Ivermectin twice to get rid of the lice they did have a couple months ago.

I'm thinking worms, maybe she did have a bad infestation? I will treat with Piperazine again and see what happens - I did find a roundworm in one of the dropping on the coop poop board this morning
- it's not her since she's not in the coop anymore but if one has worms, they all have worms.

good lord. do the meds just not work???

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