I have no idea what breed of chick this is!! (pic heavy)


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Oct 1, 2012
Roseburg, Oregon
We got her from a friend of ours and aren't sure what she is. Any help would be appreciated! She's 3-4 weeks (maybe even 4 wks) old. And yes, she has bright green eyes!! (Thus the name...Esmeralda =D)

That is an awfully big comb for a pullet or is it just me?
That would be sad if she was a he! Since we "rescued" her. Could it be that she's older than 4 weeks? Idk...this is my first time!

Kitten6566 - I'm not sure if she's a Barred Rock. We have a BR and she looks nothing like Esmeralda.

CluckyCharms - thank you! We sure love her coloring and her eyes
The slow feathering out, light color, comb and wattles present and turning red, pretty sure it's a he. He should be very handsome though.
Well, those are pretty good signs she's a he.
How long do you think until I know for sure? We can't have roosters since we live in a subdivision. We'd have to re-home him

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