I have no idea what to feed my chickens!

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    Insert embarrassed face here...

    We were given our Japanese hen as a gift, and she came with a bag of mash (?), so I haven't had to worry about buying her food. The bag is almost empty, so I'm heading over to the feed store today to buy something. I know what she can have for treats, but I don't know what to buy for her actual food. She's thirteen weeks old, and she is basically free-ranged (she eats the mash, but eats grass and does a lot of scratching too). What do I buy?

    Also, I'll be getting some five or six weekers to add to my tiny flock. Will they be ready to eat whatever she eats?
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    If she's 13 weeks old then she still needs the grower or starter/grower (whichever is available where you live). As soon as she lays her first egg or around 18 to 20 weeks you can switch her to layer feed and offer oyster shell seperately.

    Please keep your new chicks seperated from her for quarantine. It would be sad if you lost your current hen due to a disease the new ones brought in.

    Since you will soon have more than one age group you might consider getting flock raiser instead of the grower feed. That way everyone can eat the same thing.
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    You want to get her either "grower", "finisher" or "broiler". She's too young for "layer" -- don't give her that until she lays her first egg.
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    Quote:gritsar said it all [​IMG]
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    With Dumor layer feed from
    TSC its not necessary
    to feed oyster shell its already in the feed.

    but I do add grits to the 50# lb.

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