I have pips!!!!

g&h farm

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8 Years
Jan 26, 2011
Brooksville, Fl
Im so excited!! My cochin hen has been sitting for 21 days and today we have at least 3 pips! All her dedications is paying off. We have had chickens for about 5yrs but have never had our own chicks,always just bought them so this is sooo exciting. We also have some in the bator that should hatch in a couple weeks. I will put up picks when we have chicks!! YAY

Well just went out and took a peak, we have a chick!! Its an E.E. Shes siting on E.E.s and E.E./Cochins Yay!!! Should I remove the eggs as they hatch or just let them be its off to the side a little so could grab it without disturbing much

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