i have questions..i have a sick hen.. i'm a newbie... i'm learning.

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    i have a hen thats been sick for a couple of days.. i have 19 birds.. 8 full size and 11 that are a couple of months old i have a hen (full size) that for the past couple of days has been very lethargic.. but if i mess with her she shows me she has strength... to get away.. or to jump up into her nest etc.... but she otherwise stands there and keeps her eyes shut and i want to say that around her pupils are reddish.. but it just dawned on me that i think that she's "respiratory" sick.....
    now... i gave my birds a mixture of duramycin 10 for 3 days 1 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water and i stopped that a couple of days ago.. thats when she got sick....or i noticed.. should i have given it to her longer... ? should i start them up on it again? or should i give my chickens something different.. either way i'm afraid that others may catch or be catching this from her.. whatever it is.. one other in particular... but i did notice a couple of minutes ago that theerr was a crackling noise i heard .. leads me to believe that may be like "bronchitis" help .... ne input is good.. because i 'm learning...
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    See if you can get some tylan 50 from your local feed store. It has always worked well for me. You can give full grown chicken 1cc, 1/2 grown or bantam 1/2cc tylan. You can either inject it or shoot it down their throat for three days. Should make it feel better in no time.
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    What were you originally treating your whole flock with antibiotic for?

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