I have some silkies for sale Eastern Ky,


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
I have 6 4 week old silkie chicks all are White Not sure of sex yet. $5 each

I have 2 Black silkie Pullets, $10 each

I also Have 2 Young Silkie Roosters one is Grey and one is White. $7 Each

I have 1 Grey Pullet, $10

I also have a Pair of silkies 1 white hen 1 white rooster, $20

I also a White Pullet she has curled toes but gets around fine, $5

Or all 14 for $100

These are my aunts birds she is wanting to sale out some of her stock before winter. If interested you can leave a comment here or e-mail me here or at [email protected]

I am located about an 1 and half east of lexington. If interested let me know I have some pictures.

I would love to buy some of your Silkies, especially the white ones. I am in Wilmore, about 13 m south west of Lexington. Maybe we could meet some day for lunch or I could come by your farm? As a matter of fact I just ordered 6 White Silkies from Ideal just yesterday.

I must learn to use the PM option. Hum.

Write me back if you can.

I don't travel much due to i have 2 youngins. These are my aunts chickens but I will be the one meeting people for her. I can tell you all are in good health and condition nice fat silkies..LOL Do you know where mout sterling ky is?
Hey, I do know where Mt. Sterling is. Would it be possible to come see them next week? I am working the next two days, but might be off Wed. Can you send a PM with your Aunts address? I could come in the later afternoon. Thanks, Tammy.

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