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    So we got an uncertain gender chick at a swap, and it turns out he is a boy so the kids were ok with him either going to a new home or to Camp Frigidaire. BUT he has had a runny nose since we got him and a couple of times I have noticed his eyes look watery. Rehoming is now not an option since even if he recovers he will carry whatever it is he has. Also not a good idea to eat a chicken you suspect of illness. So I have to cull him, now. I read about a couple of people on here euthanizing with dry ice so I am going to use that method....just trying to get up the nerve to call the place that sells it. I feel sorry for the little guy but I guess it can't be helped....we like our chickens but they are more utility animals than pets, and I don't have the funds to put money into a chicken who would have to live out his life in quarantine for fear of spreading an illness.

    I posted this here because it didn't seem to go anywhere else, just needed to share.

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    We get a lot of pleasure and/or benefit from out chickens, but when you deal with living animals, you sometimes run into rough patches.

    Thanks for doing what is right and ethical. [​IMG]
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    That's part of raising farm animals, sometimes it's hard for us to do what's best for them. I always use the gun but I see in your signature line that you're in the city so that wouldn't do you any good. Good luck.

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