I heard an egg peeping- now what?

Nestled Chickens

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Mar 3, 2010
Pacific Northwest
I've been letting my hen sit on two eggs for the last few weeks, just in case they were viable. Today I figured they were never going to hatch so I pulled them out of the nest to dispose of...and they peeped! Now what do I do? I know NOTHING about hatching chicks. How far away are they from hatching do you think? Should I separate the hen and eggs from the rest of the flock? I don't want them to hatch and fall out of the nest or have the other chickens eat them. I feel like I should sit in the coop all day and let my human chicks raise themselves today:)
Everything will be ok. Step away from the broody. At this point they need to stay under mama and not be moved. You can still go check on them every now and then and see if there's a chick next to the broody. She should protect them from the other chickens. I let my broodies hatch them in the same pen that the other chickens are in and I've never had a problem.
if its possible for you to put up a temporary fence or block off that part of the coop shes in, that would be worth th effort.
all could be fine too without, but its highly beeter odds to have her and the chicks separated. Ive learned a lot on this forum!
also make sure u put the eggs back under her right away! My eggs peeped, making sounds about 2 days to one day before hatching. or the beginning of hatch.
U could also do a search on here and find lots! of info!
good luck!
I just went to check and there was the first pip! I feel like I need to sit there and help redirect hens to other nest boxes so they stay out of the way. So, once the chick is safely hatched, do I remove it to a brooder inside so it can stay warm enough?

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