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  1. Hi, so basically, I read it calms chickens down, and I wanted to see if it was true. And then tonight I just read it's bad for chickens, so will my chicks be okay?

    Thanks in Advance!!!
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    What does it claim?

    They stay limp female. Writhe about a male?

    These old wives tales are fun, but usually not so fun for the chick involved. DId it hurt that writhing he? I doubt it.

    Oops! forgot to say there are far better and more accurate ways to determine sex. I like the leg size method for first hatched. Only been fooled once by that and see was an exceptional girl.
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  3. So...are you saying the chicks will be fine?
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    I would think if they are walking around they will be fine. I've always heard that hanging your adult chicken upside down would calm them down. I tried it with my young rooster when he started getting aggressive, but I think it only made him stay still while upside down. He was even more angry afterwards so I didn't do it again.
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    Please share about this leg size thing to sex chicks.

  6. That makes sense, they are walking around just fine, thank you sooooooooo much for helping me out! And I'm curious about the leg thing too!

  7. And I didn't do it to determine sex, I thought it kept them calm.
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    I'm sure the chick will be fine
    My chicks are upside a lot recently
    While I attack the pasty butts
    With olive oil and cotton buds

  9. Thanks! It didn't seem to hurt them, or even stress them, I just read it can be bad for them.
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    I think the calming effect is laying them on their backs instead of hanging them. I did read about a method of sexing them that is sort of related...I have no idea if it really works, but...supposedly if you pick the new chick up by its body, with its legs hanging down, the male will pull his legs up, while the female will allow hers to dangle.

    When I hatched out my chicks last year I had one chick that grew rapidly compared to the others. He quickly began to look like baby Huey. He turned out to be the only male in 6 chicks in that one batch. I don't know how I got such good odds.

    He became my little buddy because as he got a few weeks old he was so much bigger and started to pick on the other chicks. I couldn't put him in the pin with adult hens because they picked on him. So he hung out with me all day and slept in a crate by himself at night. I finally re-homed him at about 10 weeks. He is now the happy cock of the walk on a desert farm near Wickenburg. I get photo updates periodically.

    Ok, I got totally off topic there, lol. I'm sure your babies will be fine. :)
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