I hope someone else has heard about this problem !!

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    Jul 22, 2011
    I've had 'Glayds" for a year. She started showing a crooked neck at about 10 weeks. My vet said he has seen that before and that she could live like that without pain. She indeed has done fine. She eats and acts like a normal chicken. About a week ago while feeding, I noticed that she was crouching down and put her head down and it was twisted up in a way that caught my attention. The next day I caged her and put in the kitchen so I could watch her. She does it frequently, she might be eating and she will all the sudden crouch down and do it again. She acts fine other than that,

    A coupe of things that may help or not ! She has been, I think, molting. she has a bare spot about 3" in dia. and other feathers that are curled up (what maybe doesn't fit with molting is she eats well and occasionally lays an egg.}

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, Thank you Kathy

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