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    Jan 11, 2011
    I have decided to grow some chickens to eat, I have a small incubator that holds 7 eggs so I will have no more than 7 chickens together at one time. I am going to build a temporary coop and run for them outside to house until they get to about 12 weeks (they will go out at about 4-5 weeks of age, depending on the temperature). I plan on building a coop that will be about 32 sq. feet in size for them. My question is respect to the roosters, and here it is. Will the roosters fight amongst themselves to the point of hurting each other if they are in a coop together up to 12 weeks in age? Do you feel Rhode Island Red's will be of eating size at 12 weeks? There should be no more than 7 total in the pen at one time, assume 3 to 4 roosters (if the 50/50 rule holds true) and they have about 4 sq. feet of room for each of the 7. I currently have laying hens so I have no experience with roosters in a pen together. I can't let them free range because their biggest predator would be my German Shepherd. If this is not correct forum, which one should I ask this rooster question in? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I think in the meat birds section they would help out. I have no clue myself...sorry!

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