i jsut candled....


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Mar 12, 2008
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im a total loser. i just candled a few of the 37 eggs i set yesterday morning, and i did see develpment when compared to an egg from the fridge, i candled maybe 10 and they all lookedd fertile, which is good cuase i thought i was gunna have alot of duds this hatch since the roos in the pens are really young, but all the ones i candled has definite tiny little vein or two in the top corner of the yolk, ill candle all the eggs again on tuesday for an official count of whats fertile and what isnt
Good luck
I guess its up to each individual to candle on which day. I always wait until day 8 and then on day 18. I prefer not to handle them too much.

Keep us updated and good luck for a successful hatch.
I just set my first batch of eggs on 9/25 in a bator I made myself. I pulled a couple out and candled them to see what they look like. Then I candled an infertile egg from my fridge. The ones I candled in the bator all looked fertile. I grabbed a couple this morning and I saw tiny veins in one. It's crazyy but I Like to candle them, I have to turn them by hand so I'm already in there. I heard candling doesn't hurt them (unless you drop the egg!).
You can candle day 4-5 but you may not see something on an egg that is developing or a high rate of eggs may quit around that time and you won't know it until you candle again. Day 7-10 it's usually quite obvious which eggs are good and which aren't so most wait until then. I just recandle. I don't believe anyone that says candling does any harm to the egg. I've candled some every day and had them hatch. I'll candle day 4-5, again day 7, again on day 10, on day 14, and on day 18.

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