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6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
So I have been raising chickens now for 11 months. In that time I have had to get rid of three roosters and nurse and older chicken back to health. My amerucuana who was attacked by something (dog, cat, other chicken) before she was given to me. I did not know how old she was or if she was still laying. As of today she started laying about three weeks ago after the molt and she has produced over a dozen light blue eggs (my kids favorite.
So I was considering getting two more to add to my flock of 1-California white, 1-Delaware, 1- Buckeye and 1-amerucuana. I did not know what breed to get but I was strongly considering black sex link since they are easier at the chick stage to determine roo's from hens. Well today my son and I went to the feed store to get some feed and scratch when there just happened to be a bin full of chicks. There were only two multi colored chicks which turned out to be speckled Sussex. So in my overly tired state I tried to remember what color eggs they lay. I was at a loss so I asked the girl behind the counter who unfortunately did not know either, so I thought hard about and suttled on they were brown egg
layers, happily I was right. I just like brown eggs. Anyway, as i mentioned I have been very successful thus far so I purchased them both. Now I have them in my homemade brooder and they seem to be doing well. Now, I have at least two issues to think about. First, I am hoping above all that neither are roo's (can't have them where I am) as i lost half of my original flock to give away. The other is introducing them to the amerucuana, She does not get along with the other three so I split the run. I am hoping that they will get along so I don't have to get creative again. I have frout very happy hens and home to add two very happy sussex hens. Is there anything that I need to take into consideration with the new chicks? I guess the age of these two to be around 2-3 weeks old. Are there any special considerations I need to accommodate for? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I posted the pic mainly because, well, who doesn't like pictures of baby chicks.


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