" I just couldnt help myself........"


12 Years
Oct 27, 2007
Orlando, Florida
Ok, thats normally what I say, but this time it wasnt me

We were down at the in-laws when I get a call from a family friend. Just had to tell ya I was at the feed store and there was this beautiful Dr. Suess looking chicken with purple cheeks! I couldnt just leave it, so I bought it for you. Its at your moms waiting for you to get home.
So here I am racking my brain on what mom can do with this feathered friend while I was away. I thank him, I know he just has a big heart and meant the best. But in the back of my mind Im
its actually a hen and not a rooster.

So I call mom, she says I think its a girl, and it hasnt crowed all morning. So Im thinking ok, maybe being a silkie she will take to the chicks that moms watching for me. So moms trying to see how the girl will do with the chicks whenn all of a sudden. Cacka doodle dooooo!!!!!!

So I now have a beautiful white silkie rooster trying to strut himself around my other 6 girls.

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