I just got through torturing my poor little chicken....


8 Years
Jul 11, 2011
Cottage Grove, Oregon
I wanted to take a picture of my 4.5 mo bantam br because her comb/wattles have turned bright red. I decided to wait until she was in bed so I wouldn't have to chase her around. So I dragged her out of the little box that four of them had squeezed into (it felt like I was pulling out a feathery baked potato she was so hot) and sat her in my bath tub. (I thought that the white of the tub would give an accurate representation of the color. She HATED it.
I guess she didn't like the cold tub on her hot little feet...She put up such a racket that my Mom way on the other side of the house thought thought her pot bellied pig outside was making the noise - (If you have ever heard a pig scream you know how piercing that it...) My girl was not a happy camper and let me know that I was a bad chicken mama...

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