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7 Years
May 23, 2012
Succasunna, NJ
Hello from New Jersey! I do not even have my baby chicks yet but they are on the way and the coop is almost finished so pictures will be up as soon as all is done.
I have 2 sons 13 and 14, a wonderful husband (who is building the coop), 3 cats, 2 dogs, and one lizard.
We will have 3 baby girl hens soon.
I have a huge garden that I expect the ladies to help fertilize as soon as they are old enough.
I am so glad the town I live in finally allowed 3 backyard chickens, but I have a question.
What should I do when these girls are older and stop laying. I will want to keep them and get more for the egg production. Any ideas of how to talk to the town about that?
Hi from Missouri.
Just wanted to greet you. LOTS of new ppl here(including me about 2 months ago.
I dont have an answer to your question about the amount of chickens you can have..I have read that they will keep laying long after 2 years old but not as often as they get older .They live until about10 i think i read so maybe you will get enough to not need more hens.
OR maybe by then your town will allow more hens.
OR Maybe reason with them that if each lays one every other day and you have 3 hens that you will only get one egg every other day from each that is what 12 a week? That it wouldnt feed a whole family eggs for breakfast for more than a couple days a week
.Many places allow 5 hens
Good luck on your new girlsWhat breeds are you getting?.
from Sara Jane in Ohio!

I don't have chickens, but to answer your question, that is 100% up to you and your family.
The people I know in person where I live have kept their chickens becuase they have become so attatched.
I've heard some people on here eat them.
If you really don't want them and don't want to eat them, I'm sure you can find homes for them.

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