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    I'll put this in a nutshell.

    I've always been skittish about dating and such and never dating until I was out of HighSchool. Even then I was still iffy about it. One of my friend who I had known my 4 years of HS asked me out so I said yes simply. We dated for exactly one month before he dumped me and less than a month later he was with another girl because he liked her more then me. I'm siply cried my eyes out because I really did like him, but I guess he lied to me by saying he's liked me for over 3 years.

    Around after Valentines Day she ended up cheating on his and was all depressed. We started talking again and he said he'd never date anyone except me and wouldn't ever do that to me again. I took his word for it giving him another chance... Stupid me?

    Was going good and everything for a few months. Went and spent time at the movies, the carnivel, and just hanging out at friends places with him. He had a night job from 4pm to 12 am at night and I had my little 8 week job as a camp counsler at a nearby park. He txts me saying he doesn't think we should be together anymore because I'm not spending enough time with him and asks if we could just be friends. There really is no time since he's racing on the weekend and hanging out with his "Buds" at the racetrack. I can't go because I don't have a car and no one would even pick me up that was going. Of course I cry my eyes out again and I've already had a bad week since I lost my best bird Coco. I still love him though but he doesn't feel the same.

    A week after that I get a txt from him but it was from a friend that I knew at school. She asked me how I was doing and that she was using his phone while he was racing. We chat somewhat and she asks me if we were dating and I said used to. She just pretty much blurts out over text "Oh ok because we are dating now."

    I can't believe it? Same thing as [email protected]#$ing last time. I just feel used again for a second time. I was there for him when his abusive exgf smacked the shet of paper out of him. When his last one dumped him on Valentines day and I even put up with the first time he dumped me and basically cheated on me.

    This girl that I have no clue how long they had been dating was one of my close friend in HS. I was there the night that her FATHER shot and killed her little sister and then turned the gun on himself. No one else was there but I was at 12 o clock at night letting her cry on my shoulder. I was there at her sisters showing and burial. I was there for her through her pregnacy and gave her support (CPS later took the child no clue why....) I can't believe both of them would backstab me like this. I was never mean to them in anyway. I was to support my what I thought was friends... 4th of July I mainly sat in my room and did nothing. Just stared up at the ceiling or wall...

    I still have feelings for him but he just through me out like a piece of trash AGAIN...

    Sorry for the long rant.. I'm just done with dating and all that lovey dovey crap. It just isn't for me. Should of trusted my gut when I said yes the first time he asked me.
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    [​IMG] I'm so sorry.
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    I am so sorry....but trust me you will meet many jerks. But you only need to meet that one true one. These are the things that will help you later to not end up with a jerk. Good luck. Don't fret bout dating but don't not do it either.
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    i'm really sorry it didn't work out [​IMG] i dated one guy once, but he was weird so i dumped him (yeah, like we were even together) and now he won't leave me alone [​IMG] i totally know how you feel. find someone you really trust, someone who won't ever be a jerk to you, and until then, trust your gut because when people are like that there's no turning them around, just stay away from them. i'm really, really sorry you had to go through that. guys who are jerks don't deserve you. they don't deserve anyone. your so much better than anyone who would try to hurt you, i promise, okay? lots of hugs [​IMG]
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    Anyone ho can dump a girl through text is a total loser. This guy sounds immature and not ready for a real relationship. Some guys never mature or are ready for real relationships. This isn't your fault. I say chin up, butt this child out of your life, and find a guy who will respect you and make an effort to work around your lifestyles [​IMG]
  6. herefordlovinglady

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    Jun 23, 2009
    www.baggagereclaim.com gives a lot of insight into relationships. there is a good blog up right now on trusting -- check it out. interesting web site. sorry to hear about what is going on... take care and hang strong.
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    [​IMG] Kelly. I am sorry for what has happened, but be patient and the right one WILL come along when you least expect it! I would say this, however, move on from this one-you deserve much better than this! [​IMG]
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    You don't deserve to be treated like that. Good thing you found out he was a piece of work now instead of making any kind of committment to him. Don't even give that guy the time of day if you ever hear from him again, cause he'll just use you and toss you aside when he finds something else. Concentrate on taking care of you and the right guy will come along and love you for who you are, and not just for what you can do for him.
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    I'm so sorry that that happened to you [​IMG]. But sometimes you need to kiss some frogs, till you find your real prince [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2009
    Don't be done dating.Just be done with him.Sounds like a user who hooks up with you until he gets something else.

    As for lack of time together,lol,dh and I would be divorced 10 times over if it was all about that. Sometimes you simply can not be together often(due to work),but it sounds like your EX made the choice to do other things.

    You know that sayin,"Fool me once,fool me twice." Forget how it goes but essentially you need to take responsibility for not falling for his lines anymore.There are sooooooo many nice people out there.Do not limit yourself to this man.

    In a way you love what could have been,because what is REALLY there isn't all that great from what you said about him.

    Hugs and wishing you better days ahead.

    Also,lame that he txted the break up.What a wimp.

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