I just realized that in never hatched poultry eggs in a incubator


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Mar 22, 2008
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i was sitting there and all sudden it came to me. i never incubated chicken eggs artificaly. In germany i used a broody hen and took the chicks she hatched in the house where they were warm. I hatched snake and anole sagrei eggs but never did chickens. ahh im a newbie. I am confused . I will be using the classic hovabator 1602N. I will have it in the house where it is about 71F +/- 1F. Where i can see the incubator , but safe from sun light and the curios mind of my two year old daughter Sammy-Lou(Samantha).
I saw different incubating temps. one says 99.5 the next 101F but never above 103. Also at what humidity should i keep them. I know to turn them twice(unlike reptile eggs-this would kill them)a day.
Dont turn them the lst three days and raise the hum by some 10%

Here is one more thing will there be a big issue if i put 6 eggs 3-4 days later? I could take them out befoe i raise the humidity and put them in the chick bator i have laying around. ahhh ladies and gents please help me.


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Jul 12, 2007
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That was my first bator as well. I kept the temp at 101F and the humidity ad 50%. day 18 stop turning and fill the dsecond tray and the humidity should be about 60%

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