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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by taraann81, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. taraann81

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    Apr 9, 2009
    I was sitting here on the computer and heard the turkey outside start barking(I don't know what its called but it sounds like they are barking I think its an alarm call). So I got up and went to see what was going on..Some one was walking down the road.

    My turkeys are watch dogs. My bullmastiffs never bark! I rely on my turkeys to let me know when something is happening outside.

    It just all of a sudden hit me and made me laugh that I respond to my turkyes calls like I would to a dog barking
    "oh the turkeys are barking I wonder whos here?"
  2. Steve_of_sandspoultry

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    They are amazing birds, ours don't miss a thing that goes on around here.

    Steve in NC
  3. oldmossinger

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    Oct 4, 2009
    Holland, VT
    My wife always knew when someone was here, she would have me go see what the turkeys were "barking" about [​IMG]
  4. chickenannie

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    Nov 19, 2007
    My turkeys see and hear things before I do, like airplanes and once even a hot air balloon that flew overhead. They scan the sky a lot. The funniest time was when my neighbor (who they normally liked) put on his motorcycle leathers and gloves and his giant helmet and was knocking at the door. The turkeys were gathered around him making a rurkus like he was an intruder. It was great! And they were almost intimidating to him, because they wouldn't let up and they acted aggressive (this was 5 BR hens even!). I just with I had a picture.
  5. onthespot

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    Mar 29, 2008
    Riverside/Norco, CA
    I have a neighbor that likes to steal lovebirds from the nest sometimes. I have been thinking of putting one of my midget toms out there to narc them out when they try it next time.

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