I just stictched my first chicken.

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    I just stitched a brand new chick up so its yolk wouldnt keep coming out. i used polysorb 2-0 CL -616. yes i know the needle is a lil big, but since i just lost a chick a few days ago to this same thing, i wanted to do something before the whole sac came out of its belly and I would again have to euthanize. and i think I did ok for it. I was my myself (DH is at work ), so it was harder than it should have been. I wet a towel with warm water rolled the sides to fit the chick and proceeded. I washed it with betadine swabs let it dry while keeping the chick on its back. I only made one stitch and i think that will suffice. I didnt use a dressing at all and have it back in the lockdown incubator.
    The baby chick I had to cull had pipped on its own, but I missed the cord and the cord dried and the next morning i went to look at all my babies and it was limping. I picked it up to look at its feet and immediately saw the yolk sac coming out. I carefully cut the dried cord and released its stuck foot, tried to get the yolk sac back into its belly but couldnt.
    The baby that i stitched just now was shrink wrapped and its chirps were getting less strong even though i wet the shrink wrap with a little distilled water. I got it out of its shell in about an hour, but the cord wasnt there to clamp off and i could see a tiny bit of the yolk sac beginning to come out. I was afraid if i didnt act quickly that sac would come out. I need to find tiny needles should this happen again. in all thus far 18 chicks hatched out on their own and i only had to help this one baby. I sure do hope it will make it. need to know if I should dress it and I am planning to use peroxide to disinfect where I stitched ot, or should i just use betadine. I have stictched up many animals in my life, but never a chicken. I need help so I can make the best decision for its care program. This has sure been stressful filled with am I doing the right thing feelings.

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    I've not done that myself, but was thinking I'd probably use glue instead of the suture. I hope little chicky makes it.

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