I just want to say...


9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
Long Island NY
...that this forum has enhanced my chicken experiences ten fold! I just started raising chickens last Sept and having all you guys to share my stories, experiences and pictures with makes this whole chicken thing so much more enjoyable and gratifying! I can't imagine doing it without you all.

I have learned so much from all of you and have enjoyed reading posts every single night. It's nice to know people who understand your passion and are excited when you show them another picture of an egg, or a meal made with an egg, or a chicken doing something silly, or a huge poop that came out of your chicken, etc, etc....

You guys are all so nice and helpful and it's just so great knowing you are here to help me with a problem, cheer with me when a chick hatches, mourn with me when it dies, compliment me on a job well done and everything else you all contribute to this incredible experience. You are all so eager to help everyone and never complain...even when another person asks what BOSS is. (I did that 6 months ago) You answer it as though it's the first time it was asked.

I just want to say THANKS... to whoever created this website and forum, THANKS to all the moderators and admins who work so hard to keep it running smoothly and THANKS to all of you who come on here, day after day, to help everyone out!!!!

this is a wonderful site. I have been known to whip out pictures of my birds and show off the eggs, however, I have not taken any pictures of poop "sigh" I'm sure I will. Thanks for the post. I too have learned years worth of information from all the experts in just a short period of time. I believe my birds benefit greatly from my BYC addiction!
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