I kneed to know everything about pigeons!


11 Years
Apr 12, 2008
please help me learn about these pigeons i am showing in open class and i am getting some pigeons if you could give me some pictures of your coops for them and what they need to eat how long until they mature how many eggs in a clutch i want to know it all thanks
please help me out the breed i want to show is a coop tumbler
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Pigeons are one of the easiest kinds of livestock to raise
Pigeons raise 2 offpspring at a time
You will need a nest box for each pair of pigeons you plan to get plus a few extras. Five-gallon plastic pails, cut in half, top to bottom, and fastened to the wall will make fine nest boxes.
I fed grain from the feed store called Pigeon chow I beleive.
Feeders made for chickens work or you can cut openings in empty gallon milk jugs.
Always keep fresh clean water available

How many pairs are you getting?

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