i know it's probably a visual cliche. . .


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. . . because really who DOESN'T sit at night in front of the T.V., leisurely paging through their vegan cookbooks, with a giant chicken on their shoulder?
but please, forgive and indulge me for i honestly cannot help myself! i'm practically bursting with enthusiasm (or perhaps that's just tonight's dinner?) for my newest chicken friend.
in fact it's rather like i am a new parent, rabidly forcing both friend and stranger alike to gaze at pictures of their (rather average looking) infant and expecting everyone to oooooooh! and aaaaaaaah in the sincerest appreciation.
oh love. oh glorious glorious chicken love which, with hardly even a flap of one seductive wing, can transform the seemingly mundane into the sublime!

hello F.F.!
well, i'm unsure about zilla's exact heritage but i did post pics of her on the board and some of my new BYC friends suggest that she may be an easter egger or black sex-link.
i met her just this last sunday and we are still getting to know each other but so far she seems to be a rather personable chicken!
yes Yay Chicks! i believe she IS a rather educated bird. not only does she appear to be an avid reader but she is also an enthusiastic typist and gifted hair stylist.
that is my main squeeze in the picture. he had never met a live chicken before i got a hold of him. his life will never be the same i'm afraid . . .
I'm very interested in the whole practice of bringing a grown chicken into the house. Watching, say, the Discovery Channel, with a bird perched companionably on a shoulder. It won't happen at my house, not while my two unruly large dogs, and my partner for that matter, are alive and well, but it's interesting nonetheless.
zilla is spending her quarantine time indoors with us because we don't have an appropriate space outside.
but i have to confess, i will probably be tempted to bring her in sometimes to watch television with us because she is such a snuggly bird. well that, and, also because she watched "shameless" on sunday night and now claims that she is hooked after only one viewing . . .
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