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But does anybody sell pigeon and/or dove eggs that are incubatable?
IDK...the whole roller pigeon thing has held my interest for quite some time and I was just curious. also if possible, what temps/humidity would you have to incubate and and how long?
I am honestly just curious, and if there was some way I could sneak some past hubby I would, though I'm sure he'd notice the size difference in the incubator lol
The problem with incubating pigeon or dove eggs is that the babies are very difficult to raise by hand. They actually have to be hand fed and require a very specific type of formula. The parents actually feed a milky like substance called "crop milk".

I've tried hand raising orphaned pigeons a handful of times and I've only been successful once. I've never been able to figure out what I did wrong, but I have the best luck just keeping the babies on the parents. However, its not all that difficult to build a little hutch or cage to keep a pair of pigeons in. And pigeons are not all that expensive depending on the breed you want. I've bought a pair for $5 before. I guess that most difficult part would be convincing your husband to let you have them!
I've never tried shipping or ordering pigeon hatching eggs...But I can tell you that what I have done is taken pigeon eggs from the nest (when I didn't want them to hatch anything), saved them for up to 2 weeks....then given the eggs to a pair, and they were still fertile and grew....So, just for the sake of knowing, pigeon eggs due retain their fertility long enough to be shipped if anyone were to try this.

If you ever tried getting pigeon hatching eggs, you could always try giving them to foster parents?

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Pigeon eggs are quite small and fragile, so shipping could be dangerous. If you don't have pigeons already mated and ready to lay, then incubating them in a bator is not advised. You'd have to hand feed the babies from day one, every two hours at first (except during the night).

I see you're in NC. If you would like some rollers I can help you find some

Edit: Actually, I have a guy in mind right now who has rollers. My first rollers came from him.
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Best thing would be to buy a pair of cheap homers (they make good foster parents) then get an egg from someone for them to hatch.

I hear hand raising squeekers is a royal pain.
There is a whole flock of rollers for sale right here in China Grove. If you're close enough, you can pick them up, if not...and if the guy won't ship...I can ship them for you.

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