i know this is weird but what do i do with a hygrometer pls answer


10 Years
Jun 16, 2009
South Wales
hey, i was wondering how do i use a hygrometer like get it at the right humidity level ?

ill be hatching chickens so how much will it have to be up ?


in order to raise your humidity you add more water surface area. The hygrometer measures the level of humidity.
You will get hundred of suggestions for humidity etc. This is my opinion on the matter, even though im sure many diff. humidities will work well. I usually stay between 45%-50% the first 18 days. The last three days I stay between 65%-70%. This works well for me. Your bator should have water trays. The directions usually say fill one tray the first 18 days and 2 trays the last three days. But if its a home made bator, use a sponge and a pie pan thingy.

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