I know what I bred,but whats this color called?

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  1. lil'turkeymama

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    May 14, 2010
    I have some young hens I raised this year.Their mom was the only hen I got off the first crossing.I have 2 aracauna(spelling)hens from a hatchery that are now 3 years old.They lay a blue/greenish egg.I got one light red hen form them and a crossing with a RIR.She also lays a blue egg.I bred her to a aracana roo,he looked like the young roos I have now.I hatched a few of her eggs and got these young pullets and roos.I was wondering what color/type these are.I really like the red and white coloring and I really,really like the colors on the pullets.Seems like I want to call it "penciling".Thanks. I am gonna try to put the older momma hens pic up first.




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    There is no set names for mix breed colors, but it would just be a white tailed red & white laced red.

    & Mama is a easter egger not a Araucana

    This is an Araucana:

    They are tailless & have ear tufts, that lays a blue, not greenish egg.
    They are rare & very hard to breed & no hatchery sells them.
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    Bingo, sorry to sound harsh, but you don't know the "breed," as that is an Easter Egger (mutt) not an Araucana. Which makes it, that the color is nothing recognized.

    As for the color - What I'm seeing are common hatchery colors. The mom has some BBR and duckwing in her as well as dominant white, the offspring carried on the dominant white and the red of the crossing, and thus created a color similar to sex links, having a little columbian in there from the RIR, dominant white in there from the Easter Egger, and a couple other things to round out to a reddish bird with what seems to be white lacing, but isn't.
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    Not sure of the colors of your EE's but penciling is when the center part of the feather or the shaft of it is white. It creats a georgous effect that I personally love but in true Araucanas is something to breed away from. The feathersite photo is what we would call and Araucana EE cross but is a European Araucana. In Europe the beard and muffs are not disqualifications like they are here. They also will have tails in Europe.

    Hatcheries sell EE's, but the important part is that they lay pretty eggs and it sounds like that is what you are going for in your breeding program, plus you are moving towards a color you like. I would suggest that you only hatch from blue or blue green eggs, so that while you will get the plumage color you like, you will also maintain the egg color.

    These two pics show penciling on my duckwing pullet.



    These pics show tufts not muffs that the araucana have.






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